All proceeds for this year’s calendar sales will go to the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto. This centre is located downtown at Gerrard and Sherbourne and focuses on meeting the needs of Native women in the Greater Toronto Area.

To support their Native clients the Centre provides educational services, health support and counselling, housing support, employment coaching, advocacy for community wellness, and more. Their programs include parenting classes, youth counselling, an open kitchen, emergency food and clothing banks, and more.

Plus they have weekly beading classes. (You knew I’d find a bead connection!) The Centre hosts weekly classes where both Native and non-Native beading are supported so the connection to the TBS is perfect: helping women and families and growing the joys of beading.

I know from the success of our past calendar projects our members and calendar sponsors are generous in their support of our fundraising work. I know I can count on you all again with our efforts to support the Native Women’s Resource Centre. Learn more of their good work at their website: