There is an exciting new attraction at Creativ: Winter Wonderland Park of Christmas trees decorated with handmade ornaments.

That Bead Lady has invited the Toronto Bead Society to participate with her by making beaded ornaments. You just have to make an ornament (or two or three..) for the tree. With beads of course! You can make any type of decoration – something we can add to the tree.

Here’s the rules:

  • Colours: silver, gold, white, clear, or crystal
  • Any style is welcome - over a ball, dangly, snowflakes, stars, icicles, and more
  • Clearly label your ornament and bring to the TBS September meeting
  • All Ornaments will be returned at the TBS November meeting – or you can donate it as a fundraiser. (Fundraiser details to be determined.)

Need some beads? If you missed them at the June meeting there are beads available to get you started – of course you can use any beads – maybe you have some at home?

To get you started here’s some marvelous patterns:

Courtesy of Cathy Lampole: Adoree Ornament Cover(for Toronto Bead Society, 2015)

Courtesy of Marilyn Parker – TBS Education Co-ordinator:

The Spiral Icicle Bead Pattern by Marilyn Parker

These instructions do not teach spiral rope. You can find instructions for the basic spiral rope by searching "beaded spiral rope" on line or take a look at this quick you-tube video. The instructions below are for an icicle made of spiral rope.

  • Size 8's (for the core beads) (I used hex-cut crystal ab)
  • Size 11's (sb) and either 4 mm crystals or pearls (for the spiral beads)
  • A drop or a slightly larger crystal for the drop end.

The icicle is made by increasing the number of beads in the spiral.

  1. Put four core beads on the thread (no need to put a stop bead but don't let the four beads fall off the end). Leave a long tail so that you can add a crystal at the bottom of the icicle – you can do this when you’ve finished or partway through (I added when I changed thread).
  2. Add 1 core bead, 1 sb, 1 crystal (or pearl), 1 sb for the first spiral.
  3. Continue to add this for five more spirals.
  4. For the next 10 spirals you will add 1 core bead, 2 sb, 1 crystal, 2 sb.
  5. The next 10 spirals add 1 core bead,3 sb, 1 crystal, 3 sb.
  6. For the next six spirals add 1 core bead, 4 sb, 1 crystal, 4 sb.
  7. For the next 6 spirals add 1 core bead, 5 sb, 1 crystal, 5 sb.
  8. At the top of the icicle do four more spirals going through the same four core beads to create a top (that means there will be five spirals around).
  9. Add a six or eight bead circle (for hanging) out of the top core bead. Finish thread.
If you would like more information or beads from That Bead Lady, please contact the TBS Education Co-ordinator or Secretary.

Thank you to Kiyomi Sakamoto for co-ordinating the Creativ Festival Holiday Park entries for us.


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