We continue to meet virtually via Zoom. TBS members will be sent the link via email the week of the presentation.

Toronto Bead Society presents our… first ever…

Virtual Techniques Night on Wednesday March 10, 2021.

Now that we are all accustomed to meeting online we decided to march right on with the wonders of zoom and present a virtual techniques night. We have four fabulous instructors who have decided to offer our membership an opportunity to learn something new and the best part is there is no cost to our membership, no kit fee either but you have to supply your own materials to take the classes.

TBS members will receive an email to register for their 1st and 2nd choice of class. Each session will be limited to 15 virtual participants on a first come first served basis. We encourage you to register quickly. The classes will be open for registration after our February 10 TBS meeting, and will close by Monday March 1 or until the classes are full, should this happen prior to Monday March 1. This will give us time to create the breakout rooms for the zoom sessions.

The classes are:

Something Knotty

shambhala-style bracelet by Gillian Clarke: Learn (or re-learn) the macramé square knot and use it to make this classic shambhala-style bracelet with a neat adjustable sliding closure and beaded ends.

Materials: Two yards of 1mm waxed cotton cord (OR hemp cord, polyester cord, round leather cord, satin cord (“bug tail”), string or non-fluffy yarn), Seven 10mm stone beads (OR basically any number, type and size of beads you like). IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be able to thread the beads onto the cord. Optional: Two size 2/0 or 6/0 beads to finish the cord ends.

Tools required: Sharp Scissors, White glue (or another glue that dries clear), A clipboard (OR a sheet of hard cardboard and a binder clip OR a foam macramé board)

Spiral Rope

by Cathy Jones: This will be a demo of the process to create a spiral rope. In this technique review we will move through the beginning steps, the loops then on to adding a clasp.

Materials: At least two and preferably 3 types of beads. The beads can be any size but at least 2 different colours. The 3rd type of bead is optional and is a focal type of bead

Tools required: Needle, Thread or fireline, Bead mat, Good lighting

Netting Know-How

by Maria Rypan: Learn the basics of the netting technique with a sampler or start your own simple collar. For easier learning, use three colours of beads or different-sized beads for textural interest. Get tips how to convert it to bracelet band. Next see how patterns are created in a wider netted collar. Creating the zigzag pattern requires close attention to bead placement as motifs quickly formed up and down. It’s fun!

Materials: Narrow or Zigzag Net. Size 10/ or 11/ seed beads in three colours (dark, light and mid-tone). Textured net: FINE: mainly size 10/ or 11/, mesh points in size 6/ and picots in size 8/ MID: mainly size 8/, mesh points in size 6/ and focal beads size 2/0. Stopper bead: different colour 6/pony bead

Tools required: nylon thread or Fireline, Needle, Thread clippers

Leaf Mania

by Naomi Smith: Create a beautiful dimension leaf using one of my favourite bead embroidery techniques. Participants will require two colours of size 11 or size 10 seed beads. If you want a green leaf choose a light green and a darker green, if you want a more fantasy style of leaf choose transparent crystal and white opaque beads. It’s up to you - you can even pick any colours but I recommend ones that contrast each other. The bead colours shouldn’t blend.

Materials: beading foundation or piece of cardboard (yes you can actually bead on cardboard). Ideally though have ready a piece of black good felt, craft pellon, or laceys stiff stuff, Nymo B or D thread, one focal bead or button at least .5 of an inch in size. (I like using glass sew-ons or mother of pearl buttons... the choice is yours. We will be building a design around the focal. Anything 1/2 inch or larger will do.)

Tools: Small pair of scissors, Size 11 short beading needles.

All the sessions will be through Zoom, which has a great feature that allows each class to have its own break-out room. Gillian will let us know more about this later.

So warm up those beading fingers and raid your stash! Hope to see you for our first ever TBS Virtual Techniques night.