Meeting at 1:30 pm

We continue to meet virtually via Zoom. TBS members will be sent the link via email the week of the presentation.

Because of the time difference, the meeting will be at 1:30 pm in the afternoon (6:30pm England time). We sincerely hope you can rearrange your schedules to be able to personally experience the presentation midweek afternoon.

Thanks to technology and good will, we are very fortunate to have celebrity artist, Gillie Hoyte Byrom, present for both bead societies of Toronto and Grand River on Wednesday October 6th 1:30pm EST.

Gillie Hoyte Byrom, an artist of over 500 portrait miniatures in vitreous enamel for a world-wide clientele, agreed to speak to us beaders and tailor her presentation to our interests!! Her talk will be about her enamel portraits: "Miniatures Tested by Fire” and will touch on techniques of portrait miniature and general enamel painting.

Gillie Hoyte Byrom hand paints enamels for a world-wide clientele. She works mainly to commission to create portrait miniatures using traditional vitreous enamel skills taught to her in Barcelona in 1990. Gillie has further developed these techniques using precious metals to produce jewel like heirlooms, treasured for future generations.

Vitreous enamel is glass fused to metal in a hot kiln. The base could be copper, silver or gold depending on your budget. The glass paints are applied by hand with the finest sable miniaturist brushes.

In Brief: Each enamel portrait miniature is painted in a sequence of thin layers. The likeness and detail are achieved using a microscope and miniatures can be magnified to life-size. The advantage of enamel over other media is this – the glass colours remain the same from the final firing and will never fade over time, so the miniature can be displayed in sunlight. Enamel miniatures are jewel-like heirlooms to be treasured in your lifetime and by future generations.

Gillie teaches onglaze vitreous painting by book, course and video master classes. Her website: will give you a better idea of this art form and the master who tackles historic figures, and contemporary topics. What a treat it will be to hear her stories behind the commissions!!!