We continue to meet virtually via Zoom. TBS members will be sent the link via email the week of the presentation.

Pastel Tiles by Gillian Clarke

This super-easy beaded chain is made of square "tiles" joined at opposite corners. It is constructed in an unexpected way! I will demonstrate in size 8/0 beads, which is the best size for bracelets and necklaces, but you can use 11/0 for a very dainty chain or 6/0 for something chunkier. The fun part is using different colours to pick out elements of the design, which can change its appearance completely. This is based on an original YouTube video by "Beadifulnights".

Level: Easy!
*Beading needle size 10
*Jewelry pliers to open and close jump rings
*Beading thread - Fireline 6lb or your choice
*Size 8/0 seed beads in several colours For a necklace you will need 15 grams (one tube) of colour A (the outline) and the same amount of B (the centres) - or small amounts of many different colours.
*A lobster claw clasp (or clasp of your choice).
*Two jump rings.
Optional: 2” of extender chain

Herringbones: Simple and Textured by Maria Rypan

Every bugle is wrapped with a string of seeds and juxtaposed in a herringbone fashion. The first few minutes are tricky, but once you get the rhythm going, it gets quicker. The Textured Herringbone looks like a braided soutache trim, but it’s really a mix of seed bead sizes and bugle beads beadwoven with a single needle and thread into a modern vintage classic. Maria’s unique off-loom herringbone version has some twists and turns. See the transformation before your eyes as you bead along!

Supply List per style in Rypan’s illustrated instructions
Simple Herringbone:
*10/ or 11/ seed beads
*#2 Czech bugle beads ( 4.5mm x 1.8mm)
Textured Herringbone:
* 10/ or 11/ seed beads
*#2 Czech bugle beads ( 4.5mm x 1.8mm)
*6/ pony beads
*8/ mid-sized hex-shaped beads OR 8/ seed beads
*If using longer bugles, adjust amount of seed beads to the length of the bugle.
FYI: #1 Japanese bugle beads are 3mm long; #2 Japanese bugles are 6mm long
Stringing material: nylon beading thread or Fireline®️, needle Thread clippers or scissors, beading mat or Chinet®️ plate for beads and work surface.
Level: Comfortable with beading in hand

Russian Leaves by Marilyn Parker

An easy way to learn diagonal peyote stitch. Get instant gratification by creating beaded leaves as you learn this very adaptable stitch.

Skill Level: Comfort with small beads/some peyote stitch experience.
Materials: 2 colours f size 11 seed beads (either cylinder or regular) and 1 colour of size 15 seed beads,
Tools: size 12 or 13 needle and beading thread.

Leaf Mania TWO by Naomi Smith

Not same leaf as previous Techniques Night

Create a beautiful dimension leaf using one of Naomi's favourite bead embroidery techniques. Participants will require two colours of size 11 or size 10 seed beads. If you want a green leaf choose a light green and a darker green, if you want a more fantasy style of leaf choose transparent crystal and white opaque beads. It’s up to you - you can even pick any colours but she recommends ones that contrast each other. The bead colours shouldn’t blend.

Materials: beading foundation or piece of cardboard (yes you can actually bead on cardboard). Ideally though have ready a piece of black good felt, craft pellon, or Lacey's stiff stuff, Nymo B or D thread, one focal bead or button at least .5 of an inch in size. (I like using glass sew-ons or mother of pearl buttons... the choice is yours. We will be building a design around the focal. Anything 1/2 inch or larger will do.)
Tools: Small pair of scissors, Size 11 short beading needles.